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Winter Got Your Roof Down!

As Michigan natives, our roofing team realizes how unpredictable the winters can be. The constant pooling, freezing, melting, and refreezing of precipitation can create snow and ice build-up on your roof and cause devastating effects on your roof.

IRT is well versed in protecting your home or business from the elements. Accumulating snow means ice dams and roof leaks.

Ice Dams occur when snow on the roof is heated by leaking heat  that escapes form inside and melts the snow. As it melts, water runs down the roof, and when it gets to the edge (eaves) which are unheated, it once again freezes.

As more and more water freezes along the eaves, ice builds up, creating ice dams. As even more water runs down, it now has nowhere to go, so it backs up and creates leaks in your roof system.

The resulting damage can be quite extensive and costly to repair. It ranges from torn off gutters and falling shingles to peeling paint, ruined flooring and stained ceilings, if the water gets into the house.

Ice Dam Prevention and Remedy

If you are worried about evident ice build up on your gutters, give IRT a call today to have us perform a free evaluation of your home or business.

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IRT has two primary offices, one in Traverse City, and one in Caledonia, serving  the state of Michigan, primarily Greater Grand Rapids, Northern Michigan, and the surrounding areas. Check out our Service Area page for more information!
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